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What We Believe

“The Tennessee Educators of Color Alliance believes that in order to ensure strong accountability systems that promote equitable outcomes and excellence in education more educators of color need a shared elevated voice and stronger presence.  Accomplishing this requires engaging and convening educators of color with opportunities to fellowship, developing layers of mentorship between preservice educators of color and inservice educators of color, and exposing educators of color to various leadership opportunities.”

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values


Educators of color will increase in recruitment numbers, leadership roles, and recognition while producing positive learning outcomes for all Tennessee students


Amplify the voice, presence, and support for educators of color while remaining student-centered and solutions-oriented

Our Core Values

  • Committed

    We are committed to building a welcoming, unapologetic community where everyone has a role in ensuring educators of color are represented and positioned to influence change.

  • Supportive

    Acknowledging we are not a monolithic group, we must create safe spaces for educators of color to learn, grow, collaborate, and celebrate based on their own unique needs.

  • Inclusive

    We must keep the big picture of systemic inequity at the forefront because ALL students deserve educators of color prepared to teach them from day one.


Our Areas of Focus


Tennessee educators of color deserve to be exposed to various leadership opportunities locally, statewide, and nationally. TECA is committed to ensuring educators are exposed to these opportunities.


There are several programs committed to diversifying the pipleline of educators in Tennessee (Pinero Scholars, Nashville Teacher Residency, Call Me MiSTER, & Trailblazer Coalition). We believe that preservice educators of color in Tennessee can benefit from exposure and mentorship from inservice educators of color. We are committed to bridging this gap.


Educators of color need spaces to convene socially, academically, and professionally. We are committed to ensuring that educators of color in Tennessee stay connected.