The Tennessee Educational Equity Coalition is group of diverse civil rights and education advocacy organizations who have built a shared policy agenda to address chronic disparities in achievement and opportunities for students of color in the state of Tennessee. The Coalition was formed in the spring of 2016 and is convened by Conexión Américas, a long-standing Nashville-based nonprofit that serves the Latino community.

Conexión Américas was founded in 2002 to address the pressing challenges, and opportunities, created by demographic changes in Middle Tennessee as an increasing number of Latino families moved to our state.Our name, Conexión Américas, speaks directly of our mission to connect and build bridges between the Latino and the native-born residents of Middle Tennessee.

Diversity Business Economic Development of Tennessee is a Startup Incubator and Accelerator for startups of diversity primarily focusing on helping entrepreneurs, nonprofits & small businesses excel on a very small or non-existing budget. We aim to educate, create a network of like-minded individuals and help to locate angel investors, grants or other funding opportunities to get businesses of diversity the help that they need to be successful.